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good for mankind and environment

  • We use potting soil that consists of approximately 40% recycled materials, primarily coconut and compost.

  • In our processing areas, we generate about 197 MWh of energy through solar panels on a yearly basis, enabling us to provide energy to a minimum of 54 (3-person) households each year.

  • We are also replacing more and more plastic packaging materials with more sustainable solutions.
    Did you know, for example, that we developed our own SV box made of recycled cardboard?

  • The total surface area of the greenhouses where we grow our plants is the size of about 19 football pitches.

  • We recycle 100% of the water that falls on this area. This means that we save enough water to provide 5095 (3-person) households with tap water every year.

  • As has been scientifically proven by NASA, our potted Chrysanthemums are one of the top 10 best air-purifying plants. In addition to purifying the air, they also produce additional oxygen and make people happier.

  • MPS sustainability certificates motivate us to try to achieve the best possible results, as we are often subjected to tests and checks.

  • This keeps us sharp and ready to give our best efforts to obtain the best sustainability score we can.

  • Together, we are working for a sustainable world, where people, planet and profit are all in perfect harmony.

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