Is sustainable communication a shield to defend yourself with, or is it a sword you can use to conquer new markets? This question was at the heart of the sustainable communication workshop organised in the MPS Green Corner on 26 October in preparation for this week’s Trade Fair in Aalsmeer. Sustainability has many different aspects, making it a container that consumers and producers can each fill with their own interpretations. Marjolein Baghuis *, one of the speakers at this workshop, looks at sustainability from four different angles: environment, social, good governance and finance. When you examine these four angles, it is clear that they are not always equally relevant for everybody. Accordingly, it is important to always consider the information needs and level of knowledge of the target audience when engaging in sustainable communication.

The greenhouse industry is experiencing a sustainable revolution: yesterday’s energy guzzler is now at the cutting edge of energy efficiency. Sustainability has become close to home for growers. "Doctors are calling for peppers over pills; vegetables, flowers and plants make people healthier and happier. People are becoming more and more aware of that fact,” says branch organisation LTO Glaskracht Nederland’s Geert van Oosterhout.