We wish you a sustainable 2020!
2019 has simply flown by. Christmas is upon us and 2020 is just around the corner. This is a period for reflection and looking ahead. Here at MPS, we have had a very busy and intense year. It has been a good year in which we were able to continue our growth and anticipate our future and market developments. 

We expect a lot of action in our sector and therefore also at MPS. The launch of our updated main product MPS-ABC, which focuses on user-friendliness, is very important to us. But we are also working hard on optimising our services, developing new products such as footprint calculation, and the new MPS and MPS-ECAS websites will soon be launched. In short, 2020 promises to be another great year.

On behalf of the board, the management and all MPS employees, we thank you for your trust and the pleasant cooperation.
We wish you a Merry Christmas and a healthy and sustainable New Year. 

Yolande van den Boom (CEO MPS)

Yolande van den Boom (CEO MPS)
International MPS Customer Panel at IPM Essen
The MPS customer panel aims to jointly discuss current and future sustainability issues. MPS facilitates the dialogue about sustainability by being and staying in contact with growers, traders and retailers, and other stakeholders. We also ask for feedback to keep improving our products and services. During the IPM in Essen we would like to present the updated MPS-ABC programme to you. In addition, informing and consulting international clients and stakeholders regarding HortiFootprint and the MPS-LCA (Life Cycle Analysis) module is of great importance to us.

-  Presentation of the updated MPS-ABC registration system and certification scheme
-  Developments related to HortiFootprint (purpose, method and result)
-  Correlation between the MPS-LCA module and MPS-ABC registration and certification
- Brainstorm session: what is the best way to present the data from the footprint calculation?

Location: IPM Essen, Congrescentrum Oost, Area F
Date: Wednesday 29 January 2020
Time: 11:00 - 13:00 (lunch is provided)
Registration: Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We look forward to welcoming you in Essen!
MPS-ABC: Updated registration system and certification scheme
What exactly is going to change with regard to MPS-ABC? We have published 4 videos on our Youtube channel. Watch the episode on the most important changes within MPS-ABC registration below.
Featured Company: Vilosa
The way Vilosa sees it, sustainability will become an inevitable standard. They don’t cling to traditional cultivation methods and are always trying out new ones. Two years ago, the Kalanchoe growers Rene van Dop, Fred van Luijk and Nick Groenewegen decided to merge their companies under the name Vilosa. Now they produce around 14 million plants sustainably. “Growing the plants sustainably is our top priority,” says Van Dop, CEO at Vilosa.
Rene van Dop
“About eleven years ago we started with MPS-ABC. You need to keep track of your consumption somehow, and ABC is a great tool for that. It feels like a kind of foundation on which you can build and develop your activities,” says Van Dop. The company has also obtained MPS-GAP, MPS-SQ and ProductProof certifications since then. In addition, the company has received certificates from MPS-ECAS, namely Groen Label Kas and GRASP, and it is PlanetProof certified. “Actually, I consider MPS-GAP and MPS-SQ as a kind of check-list. We already had the foundation, but with MPS-SQ you also ensure that all the job descriptions are correct.”
Investing in the future
The company has already held the MPS-A score for a long time, which means that its production is sustainable in the areas of crop protection agents, fertilisers, waste and energy. “I believe that sustainability is becoming the standard and we are now responding to that. We try to recycle as much as possible and we use more and more biological alternatives,” Van Dop says. “We don’t cling to specific cultivation methods but look for other possibilities.”
In the framework of ‘Het Nieuwe Telen’ (The New Cultivation: energy efficient cultivation with optimal production) Vilosa is testing the Air Mixer in one of the nurseries to control moisture management. The system brings dry air from outside into the greenhouse, which allows the screen to remain closed. This prevents light emissions and ensures better climate control. Van Dop: “This is a new form of cultivation that allows us to take a major step towards further sustainability. We’re hoping to be able to equip all the nurseries with the Air Mixer in the future.”
Plastic is a significant subject of discussion within the company. The social debate around plastic has erupted and consumers don’t see plastic as sustainable. According to Van Dop, this is not always justified. “I don’t think plastic is a bad product, as long as the recycling chain is a closed loop to the greatest extent possible. Our trays are made of 99% recycled plastic, as are the pots we use. The best solution in terms of plastic, is to make the chain circular. That would make it a great product and no raw materials are wasted.”
Sustainability is of paramount importance to the company, which is supported by the fact that two of the three nurseries are connected to geothermal wells. Van Dop: “Although that doesn’t make the production any less expensive for us, it does mean we use less gas. I think everyone will need to stop using gas in due course. At the same time, we’re winning in terms of sustainability and that’s becoming increasingly important. Moreover, I think we have to invest in a sustainable future now.”
Exhibition calendar
In the coming months, you will find us at various trade fairs.
The schedule below shows where we hope to discuss sustainability in the ornamental horticulture sector with you.

MANTS                                 Maryland        USA                           8 - 10 January
Day of the Tulip                    Zwaagdijk       The Netherlands             18 January
IPM Essen                            Essen             Germany                 28 - 31 January
Trex                                      Nieuwegein     The Netherlands    12 - 13 February
HortiContact                         Gorinchem      The Netherlands    18 - 20 February
Trade Exhibition                   Zwaagdijk        Netherlands           13 - 16 February
Myplant & Garden                Milan               Italy                        26 - 28 February
RFH Seasonal Trade Fair    Naaldwijk        The Netherlands         11 - 12 March

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